Glass Dyenamics will deliver low-cost, wirelessly controlled, and multifunctional plug-and-play dynamic electrochromic (EC) window systems. EC window systems change light transmission properties in response to voltage, allowing control over the amount of light and heat passing through, which enables greater energy efficiency.


Today’s EC products are expensive to manufacture, complex to install, and require external wiring. Glass Dyenamics is developing a low-cost, controllable material for dynamic windows that requires no external wiring. The projected impact on commercial building energy efficiency includes broader deployment of dynamic glass and improving heat control at building fenestration due to low-cost technology fabrication and installation.


Glass Dyenamics is receiving assistance developing its first commercial prototype. NREL’s research team is assisting with the research and development of their EC window systems. This will allow Glass Dyenamics to verify energy savings and analyze the EC window systems’ impact on commercial buildings.


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April 15, 2021