Go Electric provides the first integrated solution for uninterruptible power, energy storage, energy efficiency, and automated energy asset synchronization and optimization. The company is developing a customer side of the meter microgrid solution, LYNC DR®, which is based on an uninterruptible power supply technology that automatically and instantly synchronizes with the grid, providing continuous power and automatic demand response functionality to a commercial building.


Go Electric provides a microgrid and demand response power system that can enable a reduction in typical building energy costs. LYNC DR® ensures energy resiliency for buildings and sustains grid stability. At scale, LYNC DR® systems will ensure energy sustainability for the communities in which they reside. Go Electric’s solutions assure energy security, reduce energy costs and enhance grid stability by integrating renewable energy, advanced batteries and generators into a plug-and-play energy resiliency system.


Go Electric’s IN2 project is complete and NREL assessed and validated the capability of LYNC DR® to provide uninterruptible (blip-free) transition from grid-connected to islanded mode while staying connected to critical loads, maintain photovoltaic systems from tripping after a grid interruption event, comply with IEEE1547 and HECO interconnection requirements and demonstrate automated demand response dispatch.


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April 15, 2021