Geli provides a scalable, end-to-end energy storage software solution. Their platform is designed to achieve a vision of a world running on renewable energy. Geli’s suite of products — ESyst, EOS, and GENI — create an ecosystem where developers, technology providers, financiers, and project owners can deploy advanced energy projects using a seamless platform. Geli’s software designs, automates and manages energy storage systems (ESS), speeding up the path to market for a wide variety of partners.


Geli allows project developers to combine the energy technology best suited to meet the needs of a project with the energy applications that save the customer the most money. Their end-to-end solution ensures that projects are designed and operated to deliver reliable performance and savings from day one. A key aspect for Geli is equipping financial institutions with the ability to independently assess distributed energy storage projects. This transparency will help make projects bankable, allowing them to attract the financing necessary to rapidly scale the industry.


Geli has received assistance minimizing investment risk in ESS through third-party verification of their software platform as current estimates are too uncertain to gain financing. Additionally, the IN² program is providing API (Application Programming Interface) integration of their ESyst product, battery lifetime performance modeling, verification of Geli’s performance guarantee methodology, and the ability to ensure 100% ITC compliance.


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April 15, 2021