Turntide Technologies

Turntide Technologies is building a high-efficiency internet-connected smart motor for HVAC applications. The motor has the same unit cost as current low-efficiency variable speed motors and has no rare-earth and other high-cost ‘premium’ materials that are subject to supply chain disruption. This technology uses a patented high-rotor pole “switched reluctance” design, demonstrating large potential energy savings in HVAC applications. The motor connects to the internet and can efficiently operate at variable speeds, allowing fine grained remote control.


Turntide Technologies’ motor is revolutionary for two reasons, its low-cost design is over 30% more efficient than inductance-type motors, saving on electricity. If this was installed in just one percent of available applications in the U.S., it would result in $500 million in electricity savings and one million tons per year of carbon savings. Additionally, it is an internet-connected smart motor, allowing building owners to change the motor operating characteristics in real time.


Turntide Technologies is receiving independent validation that the motor provides the energy savings benefits established in lab settings. Through the IN² program, SMC is testing and demonstrating their technology in a range of operational environments. The IN² program will provide SMC with verification of the energy savings their motor represents compared to other motor designs and associated cost savings.


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March 31, 2021