ThermoLift is developing a natural gas-driven heat pump and air conditioner that will replace heating, cooling, and hot water systems with a single device. ThermoLift’s core technology is a heat pump using the Vuilleumier thermodynamic cycle, which uses thermal energy (natural gas) to capture ambient energy from the environment, providing more heating to a building than is input with the natural gas. It can use this same cycle to reject heat to the environment, providing air conditioning in the summer.


Heating, cooling, and hot water systems represent the largest portion of electricity consumed in buildings. ThermoLift expects to reduce commercial and residential energy consumption with its technology.


ThermoLift was receiving assistance to develop the next generation of their appliance. NREL’s testing capabilities had helped identify and avoid unforeseen risks associated with real-world deployment. Additionally, models developed at the lab had given ThermoLift a clearer picture of the technology’s impact on energy consumption and the environment.


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April 15, 2021