Maalka enables cities and organizations to set cost-effective EE investment strategies and leverage powerful real-time measurement and verification to track the impacts of these investments across large portfolios of buildings. The open, scalable platform enables optimized portfolio-level improvement strategies and continuous tracking of the impacts of investments on efficiency, health, and finances over time. Fully virtualized portfolios will revolutionize how commercial building portfolio owners, utilities, investors and public sustainability programs manage assets, teams, operations, and investments.


Historically, physical energy audits that cost between 10-15 cents per square foot have been used to recommend energy conservation actions. Maalka’s technology automatically generates accurate building energy models for macro-scale management of resources like energy, water, and waste. This technology enables building owners to rapidly deploy customized improvement strategies and develop frameworks based on empirical projections and real-time monitoring. The ability to manage such strategies at scale will result in the broad financing and adoption of the most energy-efficient technologies across the United States.


Maalka is working with NREL on completing the development and testing of their technology platform to ensure stability, scalability, and security. Through the IN2 program, Maalka has the opportunity to bring this extremely valuable technology that stands to transform commercial buildings into virtual resources for improving energy efficiency to the next level. The IN2 program provides a unique opportunity to accelerate their portfolio-level energy efficiency strategy (PLES) development, deployment and validation.


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April 15, 2021