LiquidCool has developed a total immersion electronics cooling technology with the potential to offer 40% energy savings and significant cost savings compared with air-cooling technologies. A safe and easy-to-maintain dielectric fluid is pumped directly into the server enclosure to cool electronic components while protecting them from environmental contaminants. The expected energy savings will not only drastically reduce costs for data centers but also allow the same computing capacity to be achieved in smaller spaces.


With data centers on average consuming an estimated 70 billion kWh per year, a disruptive energy-saving solution is needed. Data centers are comprised of hundreds or even thousands of server components, which approach 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit), requiring significant cooling procedures. The liquid-submerged server (LSS) technology from LiquidCool Solutions might be the answer.


After successful laboratory evaluation and development of the LiquidCool prototype, NREL performed a field demonstration to evaluate the installation, maintenance, and computing performance of a live server rack installed at the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) on the NREL campus. The testing confirmed that the LSS technology could not only maintain target temperatures under heavy computational load but that the hot liquid could be used to heat buildings more efficiently than NREL’s current solution. The units will remain installed to substantiate durability over a longer period of continual use in the ESIF.


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April 15, 2021