WattIQ addresses plug load management with its patented InteliNetwork System, enabling customers to save on energy costs related to managed equipment. Commercial buildings in the U.S. alone consume more than $135 billion in electricity each year, with plug loads accounting for up to 40% of that amount. WattIQ’s InteliNetwork solution uses patented InteliSockets, which sit between wall sockets and electrical devices, to measure and control energy usage reducing the plug load consumption.


Plug loads can account for 35-40% of a building’s energy use, yet managers currently have zero visibility or control over it. Ibis Networks addresses this, enabling customers to save on overall building energy. Specifically developed for commercial markets, the InteliNetwork system is scalable, secure, and integrated. By cutting out wasted usage, WattIQ demonstrates savings up to 10% of overall electricity usage – dramatically lowering demand without affecting operations.


WattIQ is receiving assistance to accelerate their pace of development as well as to gain invaluable validation of their occupancy sensor in a real-world setting on the NREL campus. WattIQ has used the resources and facilities of the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) for testing and evaluation of advanced systems and energy efficiency strategies.


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April 15, 2021