Transformative Wave’s technology and solutions act as an all-seeing eye for fault detection, diagnostics, and asset management. The company is developing a turnkey retrofit kit for commercial buildings that features advanced HVAC and lighting control, battery storage, and microgrid capabilities. Transformative Wave will optimize ongoing revenue from 15-30% energy savings, 20-40% peak demand reduction, energy arbitrage, auto-DR, and grid services.


With a target market composed of 46% of the nation’s commercial floor space, Transformative Wave focuses on grocery and convenience stores and retail space. Battery round-trip efficiency translates to a market average savings of 18% kWh. Transformative Wave will initially focus on regions with healthy incentives including California, Texas, Hawaii, and the Northeast. Assuming 40% penetration in these regions, annual savings will be 17 billion kWh.


Transformative Wave is in need of conducting third-party laboratory testing and field demonstrations. Testing will focus on how to optimize passive thermal storage with active battery storage to maximize parallel revenue streams. The IN² program will provide necessary domain knowledge, EnergyPlus building simulation, and hardware-in-the-loop testing expertise to validate their technology solution.


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April 15, 2021