simuwatt is a web- and tablet-based application for conducting energy audits and analysis resulting in energy savings. Their technology includes a platform that will allow for rapid identification of energy efficiency measures through energy modeling, which, in turn, connects building managers with capital markets, manufacturers, and service providers. Their vision is to deliver an ‘ESCO in a box,’ allowing any building owner to improve their building’s efficiency at a lower cost — with or without a performance contract.


simuwatt puts the power of identifying and completing building retrofits in the building owner’s hands. Many building audits lead to zero retrofit work in the built environment. With an expected commercial retrofit market in excess of $100 billion by 2025, tools must be available to capture energy savings potential. simuwatt will provide building owners and portfolio managers with the tools to make informed decisions on best retrofit opportunities rapidly, on their own, and at a lower cost.


simuwatt received assistance developing a catalyst to augment the number of commercial building energy efficiency retrofits using their technology. The IN² program provided simuwatt commercial validation beyond the lab, offering a platform for them to deliver their enhanced auditing product with energy modeling as well as financing energy efficiency measures and retrofits.


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April 15, 2021