EdgePower sells and deploys lighting and HVAC energy management hardware and software. Designed to tackle the most challenging behind-the-meter energy issues for large commercial energy consumers, the company’s products include an on-site energy management gateway, site control software, a web-based user interface, and customer site support services. EdgePower’s stand-alone energy management controls system is currently installed at more than 400 commercial sites in North America including customers such as Costco Wholesaler and Iron Mountain.


Active load control, predictive load management, and real-time monitoring of energy flow in a building unlock substantial utility bill savings beyond basic kWh savings. EdgePower’s extensive experience in both solar and building energy management allows them to assist large commercial building owners and operators in getting the most out of their facilities. EdgePower’s web-based energy management tools assist in managing energy consumption by making utility data visible, ultimately eliminating wasted utility spending. Additionally, EdgePower’s patented EnFlex Energy Management system can interface with existing equipment to deliver optimal building performance.


EdgePower is receiving assistance with verifying energy savings, confirming demand reduction efforts, and analyzing the impact these strategies have on buildings. The EnFlex Energy Management system enables EdgePower to become an integrator of energy services and distributed energy generation in the future. The IN2 program will also aid EdgePower with expanding their dynamic load control solution and refining future iterations of their demand response product.


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April 15, 2021