The APANA™ System offers an innovative smart water management system to reduce water waste. Their cloud-based analytic technology scans, pinpoints and guides resolution of water waste by instantly alerting frontline staff and providing actionable guidance. APANA™ uses sensors and internet-of-things (IoT) devices to capture high-resolution data for constant analysis of when water waste is occurring.


Buildings have hundreds of mechanical and human failure points, including valves in walls, vaults, cooling towers, running sinks, etc. Leaks often go undetected and can last for years. Effective sub monitoring of plumbing has traditionally been difficult and expensive, leading building owners to use water bills to manage gross waste. APANA’s™ end-to-end solution attacks waste when it starts — immediately capturing savings and reducing risk.


APANA™ requested assistance using real-world data from their commercial deployment to create and optimize models for evaporative losses in rooftop chillers. This model will be used to alert building owners and managers of variances associated with mechanical failures or maintenance issues. APANA™ is also working with NREL to validate new ultrasonic flow meters that may make deployments faster, simpler, and cheaper in the near future.


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April 7, 2021