7AC Technologies

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7AC Technologies’ (7AC) single-step, liquid desiccant technology offers the efficiency improvements needed to manage the increased greenhouse gas emissions expected from the rapid growth of air conditioning. The company’s liquid desiccant air conditioning system reduces typical HVAC electricity and water consumption compared to existing best-in-class solutions. 7AC offers building operators and owners the opportunity to dramatically lower energy costs and protect real estate investments by correctly maintaining humidity levels.


The explosive growth of air conditioning needs across the globe represents one of the biggest climate challenges, with HVAC representing nearly 50% of total energy consumption in commercial buildings. 7AC offers a new approach to air conditioning technology, delivering extreme energy savings and the ability to maximize climate-friendly refrigerants.


7AC is receiving assistance to validate their technology with numerical and laboratory experiments to improve their liquid desiccant heat exchanger design and accelerate their product’s time to market. Additionally, NREL is testing 7AC’s prototype to determine if the product meets its specifications across a wide range of climate scenarios.


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April 15, 2021