Startup companies selected to IN2 are chosen because they have a high probability of making a real impact on the environment once they reach the market at scale. They are providing viable solutions in affordable housing, commercial buildings, and sustainable agriculture.

We are positioned for growth. The IN2 model has proven its strength…and flexibility. We welcome discussions of new verticals – technologies in which  innovation can result in a low-carbon, sustainable future. Contact us at IN2@NREL.gov if you are interested in learning more about companies in our portfolio or are looking to incubate technologies.

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75F swoosh Icon category

75F offers an easy-to-setup HVAC controls system that has the potential to save 80 percent in deployment labor versus traditional controls systems.

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75FCloud-based HVAC control system
7AC Technologies swoosh Icon category

7AC Technologies offers a new approach to air conditioning technology, delivering extreme energy savings and the ability to maximize climate-friendly refrigerants.

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7AC TechnologiesLiquid desiccant AC system
Aeroshield swoosh Icon category

AeroShield manufactures a super-insulating, nanoporous form of glass for energy efficient windows.

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AeroshieldInsulating, nanoporous form of glass
Aker swoosh Icon category

Aker automates the crop-scouting process by capturing and analyzing the presence and intensity of pests and pathogens below the crop canopy.

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AkerAutomated scouting process to analyze pests and pathogens below the crop canopy
AgroSpheres swoosh Icon category

AgroSpheres is enabling the efficient and improved use of synthetic chemicals and biologicals with the goal of cutting chemical pesticide use by 50 percent.

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AgroSpheresImproved use of synthetic chemicals and biologicals
APANA swoosh Icon category

The APANA water management system offers an innovative solution that goes beyond conservation and enables you to manage your water in real time.

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APANAWater management system
Atlas Sensor Technologies swoosh Icon category

Atlas Sensor Technologies is developing technology to monitor feedwater chemistry to increase efficiencies in indoor agriculture.

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Atlas Sensor TechnologiesMonitor feedwater chemistry
Blokable swoosh Icon category

Blokable manufactures a highly energy efficient, pre-fabricated building system that reduces the cost for the company to develop multi-family housing.

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BlokablePre-fabricated building system for multi-family housing
Blue Frontier swoosh Icon category

Blue Frontier is a pre-revenue cleantech startup, founded to commercialize the innovative integration of low-cost thermochemical energy storage (ES) with a revolutionary air conditioning (AC) technology.

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Blue FrontierThermochemical energy storage integrated in air conditioning
CarbonBook swoosh Icon category

CarbonBook is applying artificial intelligence to controlled environment agriculture to monitor yields and improve efficiencies and sustainability in produce supply chains.

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CarbonBookArtificial intelligence to controlled environment agriculture
CoverCress Inc. swoosh Icon category

CoverCress is developing a winter crop that covers soil over winter, protecting it from harsh conditions, while producing a low carbon intensity crop for renewable fuel and food.

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CoverCress Inc.Winter crop protecting soil while producing renewable fuel and food
Cypris Materials swoosh Icon category

Cypris Materials creates paintable heat-reflective coatings as a roofing retrofit for both residential and commercial building to reduce cooling loads.

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Cypris MaterialsHeat-reflective coatings to reduce cooling loads
Darcy Solutions swoosh Icon category

Darcy Solutions develops and installs groundwater-sourced heating and cooling systems intended to improve the environment and reduce HVAC costs in buildings.

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Darcy Solutions Groundwater-sourced heating and cooling systems
EarthSense swoosh Icon category

EarthSense is deploying robotics and machine learning to collect data that will allow farmers to increase yields, eliminate superweeds, and improve crops.

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EarthSenseRobotics and machine learning to collect data to improve crops
EdgePower swoosh Icon category

EdgePower is a buildings energy management software company who were acquired by Just Energy.

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EdgePowerLighting and HVAC energy management hardware and software
EnKoat swoosh Icon category

EnKoat has re-engineered traditional architectural coatings, like paint, plaster and stucco, into energy-saving coatings by incorporating phase change materials.

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EnKoatArchitectural energy-saving coatings with phase change materials
ESS Inc. swoosh Icon category

ESS Inc. manufactures low-cost, long-duration iron flow batteries for commercial and utility-scale energy storage applications.

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ESS Inc.All-iron redox flow battery for commercial and utility-scale
Geli swoosh Icon category

Geli’s end-to-end software platform streamlines the energy storage development process, offering the industry’s only solution for design, automation, and management.

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GeliScalable, end-to-end energy storage platform
Glass Dyenamics swoosh Icon category

Glass Dyenamics is developing low-cost plug-and-play smart windows for energy-efficient buildings, homes, and smart cities.

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Glass DyenamicsPlug-and-play smart windows
Go Electric swoosh Icon category

Go Electric delivers turnkey, distributed energy storage solutions that provide energy security and energy efficiency to facilities and the grid.

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Go ElectricMicrogrid and demand response power system
GrowFlux swoosh Icon category

GrowFlux is designing an intelligent horticultural lighting control panel that enables energy savings of 20%-30%.

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GrowFluxIntelligent horticultural lighting control
Heliotrope swoosh Icon category

Heliotrope Technologies is developing the next generation of nanocrystal technology smart glass that tints on demand.

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HeliotropeNanocrystal technology smart glass that tints on demand
Intrinsyx Bio swoosh Icon category

Intrinsyx Bio plant probiotics increase crop yield, reduce excess fertilizer, and improve soil and water conditions.

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Intrinsyx BioProbiotics to increase crop yield, reduce fertilizer, improve soil and water
J2 Innovations swoosh Icon category

J2 created FIN Framework, the most open software platform for building automation & IoT and was acquired by Siemens.

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J2 InnovationsSoftware platform for building automation & IoT
Ladybug Tools swoosh Icon category

Ladybug Tools is a collection of computer applications that support the design process for sustainable buildings and net-zero districts seeking to employ cutting-edge energy technologies.

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Ladybug ToolsComputer apps for designing sustainable buildings and net-zero districts
LiquidCool Solutions swoosh Icon category

LiquidCool Solutions are leaders in edge computing and designers of the world’s most efficient liquid cooling technology for electronic equipment.

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LiquidCool SolutionsLiquid cooling technology for data centers
Maalka swoosh Icon category

Maalka is an open, energy efficiency platform designed to help cities and building owners easily meet their commercial benchmarking goals.

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MaalkaEnergy modeling platform for portfolios of buildings
mobius swoosh Icon category

mobius is creating naturally biodegradable and compostable materials that can replace fertilizers for improved plant and soil health.

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mobiusbiodegradable/compostable materials to replace fertilizers and improve plant/soil health
NeoCharge swoosh Icon category

NeoCharge is building an integrated software platform that will synchronize charging of electric vehicles and appliances for cleaner and more affordable charging access.

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NeoCharge Integrated software platform to synchronize charging of EVs and appliances
NETenergy swoosh Icon category

NETenergy has created a thermal battery using its Black Ice technology, which works much like an electrical battery, except it stores thermal energy.

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NETenergyThermal battery that stores energy for large buildings
New West Genetics swoosh Icon category

New West Genetics is creating proprietary hemp seed bred for high-yield and stability.

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New West GeneticsHemp seed bred for high-yield and stability.
Next Energy Technologies, Inc. swoosh Icon category

NEXT offers low-cost, printable, transparent coatings that are seamlessly integrated into windows, allowing for the harvest of light energy for use as onsite renewable power.

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Next Energy Technologies, Inc. Transparent window coatings for the harvest/conversion of light energy
Pivot Energy swoosh Icon category

Pivot is an analytics company with a platform that enables building owners to act with confidence and speed towards the legislative goals of carbon net zero.

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Pivot EnergyCloud platform to capture building energy performance with outputs for financial/insurance underwriting
Plastomics swoosh Icon category

Plastomics is developing technology to introduce beneficial traits into plant cells, creating crops that can withstand insects, diseases, and weeds while delivering higher yields and environmental benefits.

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PlastomicsTechnology to introduce beneficial traits into the chloroplast of plant cells
Pluton Biosciences swoosh Icon category

Pluton Biosciences is micro-mining and supplying microbes targeted at specific pests, including those with biological resistance to current products.

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Pluton BiosciencesMicro-mining microbes targeted at specific pests
PowerFlex swoosh Icon category

PowerFlex Systems provides affordable large-scale electric vehicle charging solution for workplaces and have been acquired by EDF Renewables North America.

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PowerFlexLarge-scale adaptive charging networks
Pre Framing swoosh Icon category

Pre Framing is an innovative, partially-prefabricated solution which allows homebuilders, general contractors and framers to build standard and gable walls faster, with less waste and more precision than traditional methods.

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Pre Framing Pre-fabricated collapsible walls for precision construction
Radiator Labs swoosh Icon category

Radiator Labs is solving a 100-year-old problem: the lack of comfort and efficiency in steam-heated buildings.

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Radiator LabsInsulated smart thermostatic radiator covers networked to a central heating plant
RNAissance Ag swoosh Icon category

RNAissance Ag is developing a safe, effective, and environmentally sustainable insecticide for precision pest management.

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RNAissance AgInterfering RNA (RNAi) as a defense against insect pests
Shifted Energy swoosh Icon category

Shifted Energy developed a Power Controller and accompanying software that converts existing electric water heaters into intelligent, grid-interactive water heaters.

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Shifted EnergyController and software to make electric water heaters grid-interactive
simuwatt swoosh Icon category

simuwatt has created buildee, a cloud-based platform that connects data and applications, bringing together valuable building data for retrofit decision-making.

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simuwattPlatform for conducting energy audits and analysis
Span swoosh Icon category

Span is developing a panel that replaces traditional electric panels to deliver a new level of energy automation in the home.

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SpanEnergy automation in the home
SolGro swoosh Icon category

SolGro has developed a nanoparticle film designed to increase crop productivity through light conversion on greenhouses.

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SolGroNanoparticle film for greenhouses to increase crop productivity
Stash Energy swoosh Icon category

Stash Energy’s mission is to provide cost-effective, eco-friendly, and convenient solutions for renewable and clean energy sources.

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Stash EnergyDuctless heat pump with built-in thermal energy storage and a smart thermostat.
STRATIS swoosh Icon category

STRATIS is an IoT Platform that provides smart access, energy, water, and automation management for multifamily and student housing.

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STRATISIoT platform for smart access, and energy, water, automation management
SunPath swoosh Icon category

SunPath is using fiber optics to deliver sunlight deep inside buildings, increasing crop yield and quality in controlled environment agriculture.

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SunPathFiber optics to deliver sunlight inside buildings.
Techstyle Materials swoosh Icon category

Techstyle Materials is developing a multifunctional building material that automatically regulates the flows of heat and water vapor through surfaces.

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Techstyle MaterialsBuilding material that regulates the flows of heat and water vapor through surfaces
TerViva swoosh Icon category

TerViva is commercializing pongamia trees to increase the global supply of plant protein and vegetable oil while restoring agricultural land.

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TerVivaPongamia trees for protein, vegetable oil, and farmland restoration
ThermoLift swoosh Icon category

ThermoLift's TCHP™ natural gas-powered air conditioner and cold-climate heat pump combine heating, cooling, and hot water delivery into a single appliance utilizing a proven thermodynamic cycle to improve system efficiency.

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ThermoLiftNatural gas-driven heat pump and air conditioner in a single device
Transformative Wave swoosh Icon category

Transformative Wave is a leading energy efficiency innovator in HVAC retrofit and building automation solutions that will meet you where you're at in your journey to achieve energy efficiency.

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Transformative WaveHVAC retrofit and building energy automation
UbiQD swoosh Icon category

UbiQD is producing nanomaterials for energy harvesting that provide a simple, scalable, low-cost, and aesthetically pleasing approach to solar windows.

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UbiQDNanotechnology for energy harvesting windows
VG SmartGlass swoosh Icon category

VG SmartGlass (previously SmarterShade) delivers instant privacy, glare, and energy control built into a window.

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VG SmartGlassFilm-based light and heat control window insert
WattIQ swoosh Icon category

WattIQ is a full-stack cleantech company that provides plug-level energy monitoring and control to solve energy and asset management problems for the enterprise.

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WattIQPlug load energy management system
Whisker Labs swoosh Icon category

Whisker Labs develops sensing and software technology for home intelligence and was acquired by Earth Networks, which operates the world’s largest weather observation network.

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Whisker LabsEnergy use sensing and software technology for home intelligence
Yotta Energy swoosh Icon category

Yotta Solar is modular energy storage integrated with solar, designed to reduce cost and expand development of energy storage and grid resiliency on commercial buildings.

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Yotta EnergyPV-integrated battery storage system