BLOOMBERG — Electric motors power our world, they drive everything from AC systems to chillers, to fans and elevators. They account for 47% of global energy use, but they are hugely inefficient and many are based on a design that is more than a century old. A more innovative, efficient design would make a huge difference to the world’s energy consumption.

In the first part of this Building City Resilience video series, Yishai Lerner, co-CEO of JLL’s tech investment arm JLL Technologies, talks about its investment in Turntide Technologies, a company that has developed the world’s most efficient motor.  

Turntide CEO, Ryan Morris, explains how the company’s Smart Motor System not only saves money and minimizes maintenance, it can also help tackle climate change. According to Morris, replacing all the motors inside buildings with Turntide systems would reduce global carbon emissions by 2.3 gigatons per year, which he explains is “about the same as adding another seven Amazon rainforests to the planet.” 

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