Heliotrope is developing a neutral-colored dynamic glass solution that independently controls light and heat transmission. This technology aims to achieve cost neutrality for conventional window solutions. Heliotrope’s solution-based manufacturing process will significantly reduce the costs of smart windows while adding new functionality that does not currently exist in the marketplace.


Heliotrope allows building managers to independently control light and heat transmission, unlocking significant energy savings. To reduce their carbon footprint and drastically improve sustainability, buildings must begin to support dynamic glass solutions. In order for building owners to consider them, these dynamic solutions need to be both cost-effective and functional.


Heliotrope is receiving assistance in modeling the energy performance benefits of their dynamic window products. Heliotrope would like to work with NREL’s Vehicle Thermal Management Group on a model for window glazings for transportation applications, which requires appropriate handling of radiation, convection, and conductive heat transfer processes. The company is also interested in refining their existing models that determine the impact of Heliotrope’s windows for architectural end uses and in advanced cycling and durability testing of their prototype products.


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April 15, 2021