The Innovation Incubator (IN2) program exists to foster and accelerate early-stage clean energy technologies to provide scalable solutions to reduce energy impact. This effort requires a robust and active ecosystem to be successful. As such, we hosted an IN2 Summit to convene the ecosystem of Awardees, Channel Partners, External Advisory Board, NREL Investor Advisory Board, NREL experts, Wells Fargo executives, subject matter experts, and more.

The IN2 Summit, was a full-day, invitation-only working session on August 16, 2017, bringing together IN2 stakeholders, subject matter experts and investors to share knowledge, learn from one another and help inform the direction of IN2 toward our goal of creating sustainable communities.



  • Richard Adams, Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, NREL
  • Martin Keller, Director, NREL
  • Ashley Grosh, VP Environmental Affairs, Wells Fargo


Opening Speaker

  • Paul Hawken, Author


Morning Breakouts: Problems

  • The objective of this session is to identify and discuss the significant challenges faced in each sector. What are the greatest problems driving the needs for technology solutions? What technology solutions are currently being deployed but are falling flat due to low impact, and why?


Networking Lunch


Afternoon Breakouts: Opportunities

  • The objective of this session is to identify and discuss the most significant opportunities and promising solutions to the previously discussed problems in each sector. What sub-themes should the IN2 program focus on? Where are the greatest opportunities for innovation?


Round 3 IN2 Companies –Quick Pitch


Closing Comments

  • Gordon Feller, Co-founder, Meeting of the Minds



The Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) introduced below led breakout discussions with IN2 stakeholders to identify challenges, trends and opportunities in the following sectors: transportation, food/energy/water, and residential communities.


Aaron Fodge

Alternative Transportation Manager, Colorado State University

EJ Klock-McCook

Manager, Rocky Mountain Institute

Jean Redfield

President and CEO, NextEnergy

Ruth Cox

CEO, Prospect Silicon Valley

Shailen Bhatt

Executive Director, CDOT

Stanley E. Young, P.E., PhD

Advanced Transportation and Urban Sciences Program Lead, NREL

Tony Markel

Senior Engineer, NREL; Energy Fellow, Senator Cory Gardner


André Gouin

Business Technology Consultant, Xcel Energy

Chris Black

COO, Tendril

Dane Christensen

Manager, Residential Systems Innovation and Performance, NREL

Dave Roberts

Group Manager, Residential Buildings, NREL

Oren Schetrit

Co-Founder and CEO, Whisker Labs

Rick Petersen

Principal, OZ Architecture

Sarah Robinson

Director of Economic Inclusion, Emerald Cities Collaborative

Shanti Pless

Technical Manager, Buildings and Thermal Systems, NREL

Food Energy Water Nexus

Chris Cochran

Executive Director, ReFED

Elizabeth Thelan

Director of Entrepreneurship & Talent

Jordan Macknick

Lead Analyst, Energy-Water Land, NREL

Nate Allen

Executive Director, Water Start

Nicholas Brozovic

Director of Policy, Robert Daugherty Water for Food-Daugherty

Sally Gutierrez

Director, Environmental Technology Innovation Cluster Development and Support Program, EPA

Sanjeev Krishnan

Managing Director, S2G Ventures

Will Sarni

Founder and CEO, Water Foundry, LLC